Waters UPLC Components

All Waters components are fully serviced and tested by a Waters-trained engineer.

They are in excellent working condition and come with a 90-Day Complete Parts and Labor Warranty.

Waters Classic Acquity UPLC System

  • Acquity UPLC Binary Solvent Manager
  • Acquity UPLC Autosampler
  • Acquity UPLC Column Manager - Right Inlet
  • Acquity UPLC Column Manager - Left Inlet
  • Acquity UPLC Sample Organizer
  • Acquity Column Heater, HT
  • Acquity UPLC Column Heater/Cooler

Waters Classic Detectors

2414 Refractive Index (RI) Detector

The 2414 RI Detector is the ideal solution for the analysis and quantification of components with limited or no UV absorption, such as alcohols, sugars, sacharides, fatty acids and polymers.

2424 Evaporative Light Scattering (ELS) Detector

The Waters 2424 ELS (ELS) Detector was designed to provide a critical balance in mind to deliver good sensitivity of semi-volatile components and low peak dispersion.

2465 Electrochemical Detector for HPLC Systems

The Waters 2465 Electrochemical Detector combines sensitivity, reliability, and simplicity for HPLC electrochemical detection. Its versatile detection modes are ideally suited for analyzing a wide range of compounds.

2475 Fluorescence (FLR) Detector

The 2475 FLR Detector helps achieve high-sensitivity, low-dispersion methods with unsurpassed accuracy, maximum uptime, and complete confidence in the analysis.

2489 UV/Visible (UV/Vis) Detector

Whether performing routine UV-based applications or pushing the limits of detection with low-level impurity analyses, the Waters 2489 UV/Visible (UV/Vis) Detector is the best detection choice for performance, reliability, and usability.

Waters Acquity UPLC - H Class Components

  • Acquity UPLC Sample Manager FTN
  • Acquity UPLC Sample Organizer w/Comp.
  • Acquity H-Class Bios

Waters Acquity UPLC - I Class Components

  • Acquity UPLC I-Class Binary Solvent Manager (BSM)
  • Acquity UPLC I-Class Sample Manager FTN
  • Acquity APC Isocratic Solvent Manager
  • Acquity Isocratic Solvent Manager

Waters Acquity Detectors

  • Acquity UPLC ELSD w/nebulizer
  • Acquity UPLC Photodiode Array (PDA) Detector TC
  • Acquity UPLC PDA lambda Detector
  • Acquity PDA Detector W/Taper Slit
  • Acquity UPLC TUV Detector TC
  • Acquity UPLC Fluorescence Detector
  • Acquity RI Detector
  • Acquity PDA Flowcell, Analytical 10 mm
  • Acquity PDA Flowcell, High Sensitivity, 25 mm
  • Acquity TUV Flowcell, Analytical 10 mm
  • Nano Acquity Auxiliary Solvent Manager, HP
  • Nano Acquity Sample Manager with Heat Trap Module