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Premium Equipment

Our extensive inventory includes a myriad of instrumentation which enables automation of laboratory procedures. We develop custom integrated systems for specific applications using our equipment, and we're happy to provide these items individually, as well.

Within each of the subsections below, you will find links to the appropriate listings of our catalog and more information on specific instruments.

Tecan EVO Liquid Handlers

Tecan Liquid Handlers

Hamilton, Eppendorf, Beckman Coulter Liquid Handlers

Other Liquid Handlers

Thermo Scientific Mass Spectrometer

Analytical Systems

ABI DNA Sequencer

DNA Sequencers

Tecan M200 Plate Reader

Plate Readers

BIOTEK ELx405 Plate Washer

Plate Washers

Velocity11 Automated Plate Sealer

Plate Sealers

Velocity11 Vspin Automated Centrifuge